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Standard Modern™ Brand
Born in 1931
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Our Roots

Brand History

Standard Machine & Tool was founded in 1931 by two partners in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. In 1935, an unrelated company began operations in Toronto as Modern Tools Works. Staveley Industries, a British company, purchased both Standard Machine & Tool Ltd. and Modern Tool Works Ltd. in 1955. The combined entity was incorporated under the name Standard Modern Tool Company Ltd. with operations in Toronto.
Over the last 83 years ownership has changed but the quality and pride has always been of high importance till this day and as always Standard Modern lathes are still manufacturered in North America.

With over 17,000 Standard Modern installations in North America, Standard Modern lathes are being used extensively in precision, high-tech machine shops, used by both the Canadian and United States military and by many technical colleges and trade schools.

Lathe Cast Sourcing

With so many machine tools and machine tool parts being imported in todays globalized market, many wonder where are Standard Modern lathe castings sourced from.

Racer Machinery International Inc. has worked hard and continues to do so, to negotiate with local suppliers to have more competitive rates to allow for local sourcing.
Standard Modern lathes are built with castings sourced from suppliers within the United States and Canada, followed by getting machined and prepared at our North American facility where it will go into final assembly.

If you have more questions regarding our products or parts sourcing, please feel free to contact us.
Product Origins

Where are the lathes built?

Proudly built in North America. We invite you to come visit us to see for yourself.
Racer Machinery International Inc. is a proud machine tool builder in North America. All of our machine tools, including Standard Modern™ lathes are made at our facility, with our highly skilled and experienced staff. We take great pride in making our products locally and keeping manufacturing jobs in the USA and Canada.